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We Save The Quran

Muslim House was launched in 2020 dedicated to creating high quality educational content about Islam.“MuslimHouse” thousands of people have embraced Islam and gained guidance (by the will of Allah) through our channel

Muslim House

“MuslimHouse” thousands of people have embraced Islam and gained guidance (by the will of Allah) through our channel

the quality of our content and videos have been improving every month but we are still nowhere near the vision we have for our work.


Spread your religion, And the Qur’an, and the hadith of the Prophet

Our goal is to inspire muslims to learn and love their religion and to educate those who do not know about Islam, we have many non-muslim viewers who are keen to learn more about Islam before taking the steps to embracing the religion In-sha- Allah.

What is our vision?

For as long as Allah gives us strength, we want to spread these Quran recitations to all corners of the globe in all languages to make the Quran as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. We receive messages regularly from all over the world and the love and zeal that has been shown for the book of Allah has simply been awe-inspiring! In particular the response from the youth has been an absolutely inspiration and the potential for the good to come from the next generation is motivating us to work even harder and harder every single day of the week.

Sadaqah Jariyah will help You after You pass away. To help a cause to spread the True Words of ALLAH

Future Goals

In sha Allah If we can reach a high level of support from our viewers we plan to setup Muslim House Studio, this is our ultimate vision… our own production studio with Animators, 3D Graphics Designers, Visual Artists and much more… to produce mind blowing Islamic content directed by the Muslim House

But why do we need your support and donations?
Creating professional video and media is very expensive and time consuming, a lot of work goes into each and every one of our productions, below are just some of our general monthly costs;

Save our channel

In sha Allah Join us today and support this great cause for the sake of Allah.

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